Jill Grano Real Estate Project

We got a sneak peek into some gorgeous Boulder properties working on our recent project with Jill Grano Real Estate. Shot in a documentary, Cribs-like style, home owners gave guided tours to show off their homes for sale. Check out our first video of the beautiful, custom designed home by renowned artist, Jen Lewin. Pretty sure you’ll want to buy it. We sure do!

Check back for the next two videos!


Week One: Reach Your Peak Video

Reach Your Peak is an eight week program with rock climbing trainer, Chris Wall, guiding students through fitness training while emphasizing the benefits of the TRUBLUE Auto-Belay. Put on by Eldorado Climbing Walls at the Boulder Rock Club, we are creating eight short weekly videos that highlight before and after progress, interviews with athletes and the climbing coach and weekly challenges.

Check out the Reach Your Peak blog!


We just finished a sweet product launch video for the Hoka One One Conquest S14 to promote Hoka’s latest innovation in running shoes. We used a captivating blend of 3-D motion graphics and live-action to demonstrate the shoe’s features and benefits. Shot in beautiful Red Rocks, around downtown Denver and in our studio, it came together nicely with great shots of the shoe, a great script and killer graphics.


Producer Notes on LiveWell CO @School Initiative Project

I am incredibly glad and a tad bit sad to see this project come to an end. It has been another successful project during which wonderful new friendships were made. Whenever I complete a project it always reminds me of the theatrical plays I partook in; you world week after week with the same crew, build relationships and routines, learn how the others like their coffee and begin developing inside jokes, then there is a moment of nostalgia when the final curtains close, the show is over. Everyone is on to the next gig and we leave those moments to memory. Well, I look forward to working again with LiveWell, CO in the future. Thanks to my team of talented cinematographers, editors and motion graphic designers for making it all possible! Cheers, J.Dory.


Go behind the scenes of our new climbing flick, Exposure Vol 1. In this episode we follow Kyle down to Patagonia as he attempts to film big wall climbers Cheyne Lempe and Dave Allfrey on their quest up Fitz Roy.

Everything seems to be going well until the climbers, who are meant to be filmed, don’t return to base camp. For 36 hours. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next…


Exposure Vol 1 is in full swing!  Kyle has just returned from Moab with Mason Earle and managed to bring back some incredible footage so here’s a little taste!

We teamed up with Skysight Aerial Imaging in Boulder to shoot everything; a ton of BASE Jumps and climbing in the Moab area.  The team at Skysight hooked up our RED Epic to their Octocopter and shot some of the best BASE Jumping footage we’ve ever seen!  Look for the Behind the Scenes video on EpicTV’s Youtube Channel soon.


Producer Notes on LiveWell CO @ School Food Initiatives

Being appointed the Producer for this project I not only felt the sheer excitement of teaming up with Rabble+Rouser & LiveWell Colorado during our first kickoff meeting, but I was even more intrigued to stand behind a production with such a powerful message. It was a wonderful experience traveling to three different schools in various location of Colorado and mingle with children while learning about their health and school diets. The positive and uplifting message  was to help capture the urgency of how healthy scratch cooking can affect the mind-set and environment of a school, and this message was beyond obviously beneficial and results were very prominent during our visits. Working around children is always a joy and I am really happy as a health advocate to see this food initiative taking flight and making a statement state wide! 

Jes Dory, CFF Producer


The Network Climbing Flick

This year we teamed up with Red Bull to bring you a glimpse inside an elite network of some of the best climbers in the world - climbers who live to push their limits on the hardest climbs in the world. They are all connected in a constant cycle of training, competition, and outdoor challenges. The Network connects both past and present – bouldering, sport, and competition climbing – and this cutting-edge film tangles the viewer inside the spider web of connections that makes up the world of the professional rock climber.

The film was shot by Chuck Fryberger and Nelson Carayannis, and edited by Irvin Coffee and Kyle Berkompas. We’re excited and proud of The Network! Dropping today on April 15, 2013. Go to to view the trailer and purchase a digital download or DVD. 



CFF James Bond Holiday Party. It was great to let loose and celebrate with all our colleagues, especially when we all looked so damn fantastic!

CFF James Bond Holiday Party. It was great to let loose and celebrate with all our colleagues, especially when we all looked so damn fantastic!


We had tons of fun shooting our holiday card.